A Year of Cards


Hey, hello!  It's finally here!

A 12-card bundle just for you.

We have hand selected our best-selling 3D Pop-Up Cards and bundled them together for you.

PLUS we've included a brand new card that is not yet available for sale.  

This is a really special bundle and let me to you...  You are saving a bundle of $$$

Here's what you will receive in your bundle...

3 Bumble Bee Birthday Pop-Up Cards
1 Princess Castle Pop-Up Card
1 Birthday Balloons Pop-Up Card
3 Have a Lovely Day Rainbow Pop-Up Cards
2 Thank You Pop-Up Cards
2 Have a Great Day Bicycle Pop-Up Card

This card is not yet available for sale.  You can only get this card when you purchase the Year of Cards Bundle.

The retail value of this bundle of cards is $124

 Your price is $97

Wouldn't you like to have the cards you need on hand this year?  Don't you hate that last minute drive to a store just to purchase a card?  (And end up buying things you didn't even need?)  Arrgghh.  It's so frustrating!

Wouldn't it save a lot of frustration and tension knowing you could send the cards you wanted when you wanted and not miss another special event in someone's life?

Let 2023 be the year you were on top of it all and didn't miss important days.  Let it be the year you had an encouraging card to send when you really wanted to.  Let it be the year you didn't just text "Happy Birthday".  They mean a lot to you!  Show them!  Take the extra 4 minutes to send a card.

Yes!  I need this.

We only offer the Year of Cards Bundles in January.  Just for one week in January.  You really don't want to miss this.  

Q.  Are they dripped out to us, one card a month?

A.  No!  You will receive all 12 cards at once.  They are beautifully packaged and ready to send to your friends and family.  Each card is packaged (with a coordinating envelope) in a clear, resealable, cellophane envelope to protect it and keep it looking new until you are ready to send.

Q.  Am I really saving money?

A.  These cards together retail for $124.00  But for a limited time you can get the entire bundle of 12 cards for $97.00


Q.  Can I buy these any time?

A.  No.  You can only buy this bundle this week.  This bundle will not be offered after January 14.  That is the last day it will be available for sale.

Q.  I have purchased your pop-up cards before.  Is there anything different about the quality of these cards compared to the cards I have purchased off your website or from your Etsy shop?

A.  Thank you for your previous purchases!  These cards are identical to the ones you have purchased before.  They are the same cards.  Same quality.  Same attention to detail.

Q.  Can I purchase more than one bundle?

A.  Yes!  You may purchase as many bundles as you would like.  These bundles make great gifts for anyone.  Click here to purchase.

Q.  Are your cards still handmade in Georgia?

A.  Yes!  Each card is individually hand crafted in Georgia.  These are not factory made.

Q.  Are they recyclable?

A.  Yes!  Although most of our cards are displayed and cherished for a long time - all of our cards are fully recyclable.  If your product includes a glitter or non-paper element simply remove that element and recycle.  


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